• What Do You Know About Easter Eggs?

    Speaking of Easter, many people may immediately think of Easter eggs, Easter eggs, or Easter eggs. How much do you know about Easter besides eggs? the In addition to common Easter customs, Easter in Sweden also has its own special customs. Today, Broad Bean will introduce to you how Swedish Easter i... read more

    2023-01-06 News
  • Are Smart Toilet Seats Any Good?

    Affected by the epidemic, people are more cognizant of the concept of healthy and green living, and their lifestyles are gradually changing. The most notable ones are reflected in the upgrading of household products. For example, in the bathroom scene with a high consumer usage rate, the ordinary mi... read more

    2022-12-30 News
  • Plastic Storage Basket Is A Good Helper For Storage

    I don't know if you like to store this thing. Since I lived in more and more things, I had no choice but to start learning the homework of storing. There is no way, there is only a little space, and if I don’t tidy up the house, there will be a lot of debris piled up. There will be no warmth of home... read more

    2022-12-23 News
  • There Are Many Benefits To Using A Toilet Seat

    Nowadays, many people have a kind of repulsive psychology towards toilet seats, thinking that there are too many kinds of bacteria, and they are easy to be infected with diseases, especially in places such as hotels, which makes people afraid to use them. As our closest friend, the toilet needs to b... read more

    2022-12-16 News
  • The Two Types Of Toilet Seats

    Most of us choose not to think too much about the time we spend on the toilet, but the truth is, a fair portion of our lives pass while we're there. Most toilet seats don't have that much work to do (they open, they close, and they fit the toilet), but choosing the right toilet seat can affect your ... read more

    2022-12-09 News
  • What are the replacement requirements for common toilet accessories?

    After the toilet has been used for a long time, it is inevitable that it will malfunction. If the toilet is replaced directly because of the abnormality, the cost will be very expensive. Next, we will introduce some common fault types of toilet accessories: 1. Water inlet valve and drain valve:First... read more

    2022-02-23 News
  • What is the function of the toilet seat?

    The toilet is not unfamiliar to us, but many people don’t understand the design on the toilet very well. Take the circle between the toilet and the toilet cover as an example, just cover the toilet cover directly on the toilet. Oh, what is this circle for? Before talking about its function, let's ta... read more

    2022-02-23 News
  • The interaction between the toilet cover and the hinge

    The hinge for the toilet cover is a connecting shaft and a hinge base. The connecting shaft is made of metal and is a solid structure fixed on the hinge base; the cost is high and the installation is inconvenient. The quick disassembly and assembly mechanism of the toilet cover includes a cover plat... read more

    2022-02-23 News