• How to Color an MDF Printed Toilet Seat

    Coloring an MDF printed toilet seat is a fairly simple process that can be done using spray paint. Clean the toilet seat thoroughly with soap and water, and dry it thoroughly. Lightly sand the surface of the toilet seat with fine-grit sandpaper to roughen the surface and help the paint adhere better... read more

    2023-03-24 News
  • Wood Elongated Slow-Close Toilet Seat Wood Elongated Slow-Close Toilet Seat

    A wood elongated slow-close toilet seat is a type of toilet seat that is designed to fit over an elongated toilet bowl. It is made of wood, which can provide a warm and natural feel to your bathroom decor. The slow-close feature means that the seat and lid will lower slowly and quietly when released... read more

    2023-03-17 News
  • What Functions Does The Smart Toilet Have That Ordinary Toilets Do Not Have?

    Smart toilets are upgraded on the basis of ordinary toilets, adding an intelligent design. Compared with ordinary toilets, smart toilets have many advantages. Next, let's take a look at the functions of smart toilets that ordinary toilets do not have! 1. Seat heating function The ordinary toilet sea... read more

    2023-03-10 News
  • Why Are Toilet Seats Different At Home And Abroad?

    A friend studying abroad caused heated discussions among friends. The reason is that foreign toilet seats are different from domestic ones. Some friends may find it strange, aren't all toilets the same? But when you look at this picture, you also feel a little strange. Our domestic toilets are O-sha... read more

    2023-03-03 News
  • Which Is Better, MDF Toilet Seat Or Resin Toilet Seat?

    MDF toilet seats are toilet seats made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF), an engineered wood made of wood fibers that are bonded together with heat and pressure. MDF is a popular toilet seat material because it is durable, inexpensive, and can be easily shaped and cut to fit a variety of toilet d... read more

    2023-02-21 News
  • What Kind Of Fun Can Halloween Plastic Buckets Bring To Children?

    Plastic Halloween buckets are a popular accessory for kids to trick or treat on Halloween. These buckets are usually made of lightweight, durable plastic and come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. The most common design for Halloween buckets is the pumpkin-shaped bucket, which is designed to look ... read more

    2023-02-17 News
  • What Are The Toilet Seat Accessories?

    The toilet is the most common bathroom product in our daily life, so what are the toilet seat accessories? 1. What are the toilet seat accessories? Accessories include screws, bolts, rubber, stainless steel hinges, etc. The use of the toilet cover can shield bacteria. If the toilet cover is open whe... read more

    2023-02-10 News
  • Teach You How To Make Cute Halloween Pumpkin Baskets By Hand

    Halloween is a traditional festival in western countries, also called: the "Halloween Festival". At night, the children will dress up in various scary ways, carry pumpkin baskets, ring the neighbor's doorbell from house to house, and shout "Trick or treat!" It's very interesting, how about we make a... read more

    2023-02-03 News
  • What Material Is The Toilet Seat Good For?

    There are many kinds of materials for the toilet seat, and what kind of material is good for the toilet seat, needs to be judged according to individual needs. The common ones are plastic, wood, bamboo, urea-formaldehyde cover, stone, acrylic, and so on. 1. Urea-formaldehyde cover plate: In terms of... read more

    2023-01-28 News
  • The Function And Installation Method Of The Toilet Seat

    The toilet is the most intimate sanitary ware in daily life. We use it almost every day. Because of this, the toilet is also the fastest place for bacteria to grow. A little carelessness will cause hidden dangers to the health of the family. The toilet seat has the function of health protection. For... read more

    2023-01-13 News
  • What Do You Know About Easter Eggs?

    Speaking of Easter, many people may immediately think of Easter eggs, Easter eggs, or Easter eggs. How much do you know about Easter besides eggs? the In addition to common Easter customs, Easter in Sweden also has its own special customs. Today, Broad Bean will introduce to you how Swedish Easter i... read more

    2023-01-06 News
  • Are Smart Toilet Seats Any Good?

    Affected by the epidemic, people are more cognizant of the concept of healthy and green living, and their lifestyles are gradually changing. The most notable ones are reflected in the upgrading of household products. For example, in the bathroom scene with a high consumer usage rate, the ordinary mi... read more

    2022-12-30 News